• Passengers will be picked up  from their hotels, early morning
  • Depart from the meeting point at the main plaza of Iquitos to the rescue center of the manatee where we will observe diferent plants and medicinal ones, also some animals of the región, the interesting point in this center are the manatees wich you will be able to feed them, it is an unforgetale experience.
  • Next we will go to a national tourist park callled QUISTOCOCHA. Sorrounded by virgin vegetation specially palm trees called aguaje, a very popular fruit. They have a museum and laboratories for investigation and concervation, a zoo with animals of our jungle.
  • Lunch at the lake of Quistococha where we can enjoy a swim and canoeing on the lake.
  • Next in the tour we will go to one of the most representatitve tribes called BORAS. There the natives will show us their costumes, rituals and dances where they will ask you to participate with the dances to share a friendsship relation they will offer and show their crafts for you to buy a souvenir to take home.
  • Back to the city of Iquitos end of tour.


Confidential and corporate, prices per person.

City Tour
  • Full Day
1 Person
  • US$ 75.00
2 People
  • US$ 65.00
3 People
  • US$ 55.00
4 People to more
  • US$ 55.00
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