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Monkey Island

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  • The tour starts at 8:30 am. You will be picked up from your hotel, after your breakfast, and by private speed boat we will depart from Bellavista Nanay port to the rescue center called “Monkey Island” for the abundance of these beautiful animals, on an approximate journey of 01 hour, by the Amazon River, natural wonder of the world.
  • We arrive at the rescue center, there and with the help of a guide, we will cross the different paths that lead us to locate almost in their natural state, different species of primates of the region, as well as other species that live within this island, like sloths and different birds.
  • The tour lasts approximately 1:30 hours; During the tour these animals will approach you, you can touch them, for this reason we should not apply repellents or sunscreens and other creams on the body. Preferably, do not wear hats, glasses and other ornaments, since the monkeys will snatch them.
  • After the visit to the Monkey Island, we will go to the farm “Don Pedrito”, in that place we can appreciate the largest freshwater fish in the region, commonly called “Paiche” we can also see crocodiles of different sizes, at close distance, you can also feed them, also appreciate various fish and plants.
  • After the visit we will depart to the floating restaurants, to enjoy lunch, with regional dishes. You can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the Momon River, so you are advised to bring bathing suits.
  • We return to the port of Bellavista, we will drive you to your hotel, 04:00 pm, end of the tour.


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